Feature Complete Episode 2 – Adam Saltsman

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For Episode 2, we had the chance to speak to Adam “Adam Atomic” Saltsman, developer of Flixel, Canabalt, and many other projects. Adam spoke about how he got involved in games, what it’s like to be an indie developer, and what a day in the life of Adam Atomic is like.

Show Notes:

Feature Complete Episode 1 – Dr. Nicholas Graham

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Feature Complete, a podcast about game development and game design.

Here’s Episode 1, with Dr. Nicholas Graham from the School of Computing.

Show Notes:

See you soon!

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The new term is almost here, and we’re going to be hosting the first meeting of the year in September.  We don’t have a date or a room yet, so please keep an eye on the site or on your email for news.

We’ve also got a bit of a surprise!  Over the summer, we made plans to begin a club podcast.  It’s called Feature Complete, and we just finished recording the first episode.  You’ll see it here in the normal QGDC feed.  An iTunes/XML feed is coming soon, we hope.  🙂  Through the year, we’re going to be tracking down developers for interviews, and we’ll be looking for club members to help with the podcast process – let us know if you want to give a hand!

Last Meeting of the Term!

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This week we will have the last QGDC meeting of the term, and the final meeting of this academic year. The plan is to wrap things up with games, food, and fun.  So, come out and play with your fellow QGDC members!

We have managed to get a piecepack for the club that will be available at the meeting. A piecepack is a set of board-game pieces that can be used to design and play games. Please bring along any other games you would like to play!

As usual, the meeting will take place on Wednesday, April 6 at 8PM in Goodwin 247.

CISC 877 – End of Term Show!

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There will be an end of term show next week for CISC 877: Engineering Digital Games. The students will be showing off the video games they created this term for the course. You can come by and play them all and enjoy some good company and refreshments!

The show will take place on Friday April 8, 2:30-4:00 PM, at the EQUIS Lab at 141 Collingwood.

Meeting on Wednesday, March 23

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We are set for another exciting QGDC meeting this week. Jesse and Zi will stop by to talk to us about the game they are developing for the CISC 877 course (Engineering Digital Games). We’ve had a sneak peak at their game, and it looks very impressive!  Also, Scott returns to the club this week with a fully choreographed dance routine. Same time, same place: Goodwin 247 at 8PM. See you there!

Windows Phone 7 Code-A-Thon!

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There is an exciting opportunity coming up this weekend to test out your development skills! The Windows Phone 7 Battle of the Apps Code-A-Thon will be taking place right here at Queen’s. Senior Microsoft professionals will be on hand to teach coding and application development. The student who submits the best app wins a Windows Phone 7!  For more information and to register see here.

Dates: March 26 – 27 (starting at 11am)
Location: WLH 210

Meeting on Wednesday, March 16

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It’s been a while since our last meeting, so we know everyone is itching for another QGDC get together! As usual, we will meet on March 16th at 8PM in Goodwin 247. Tad will give a run-down of his experience attending the Game Developers Conference. As a bonus, we will raffle off some free conference swag! We’ll also try our hand at another exciting game design exercise. Hope to see you there!

Very Serious Gaming Talk

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Did you know that games can do more than just entertain us? Video games are often used as tools for teaching and training. For example, the Canadian Army currently uses gaming technology for military training. To find out more, you can come see a presentation by Doug Brown, hosted by the School of Computing. This seminar will discuss work that done at the Army Simulation Center right here in Kingston!

The seminar is scheduled for Friday March 11, from 11am to 12pm, in Walter Light Hall 302. You can find out more at this link.

Invited speaker: Sash Mackinnon

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Sash Mackinnon joined the QGDC via Skype this month to talk about his experience as independent Flash game developer. Sash has created some awesome games, such as Chaos Invaders, and Mr. Runner! If you missed his talk, be sure to check out the videos below (more after the jump).

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