Invited Speaker: Edmund McMillen

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Just a quick reminder about the meeting tonight at 8:00pm in Goodwin 248 (note the room change from last term!)

We’re very fortunate to be hosting Edmund McMillen via Skype, so don’t miss this one! Edmund has worked on a bunch of great games, including Gish, Time Fcuk, Super Meat Boy, and The Binding of Isaac. Come out, come out!

Club Meeting, Wednesday January 18

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Howdy, friends! And happy new year! Good holidays, and all that jazz.


The Queen’s Game Developers Club is getting geared up to resume this term. Hopefully you took advantage of the season to stay up late writing code on your computer. What? You didn’t? Well, the holiday game development challenge is still active, and you’ve got a bit more time. Write a game, quick quick!

We’ll be meeting NEXT Wednesday, January 18th, in Goodwin Hall 248. That’s .. three, four.. nine days as the crow flies. If you haven’t had time to start writing a game, or just forgot about it, you can still make it! There’s even going to be some prizes.

There will also be some other fun discussion, and planning for what the rest of the term will hold.

We’ll send a reminder email later, but book the date now! Games club.

Yeesh, anyone excited for CISC-226, by the way? Pretty sure that it’s going to be awesome.

See you next Wednesday (not this wednesday, next wednesday – write a game!), and we hope you managed to get a little game playing time in over the break!

Scott, Tad, and Carey

Club Meeting, Wednesday November 23

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The QGDC has been quiet for a while, but we are ready for another action packed meeting! We are hoping to have Chris Barrett chat with us. He and his team at the DigiPen Institute of Technology recently released Nitronic Rush, an amazing looking driving game! Download the game and try it out! Come and join our discussion with Chris to find out more.
Also, we will be announcing a game development challenge for the holiday break. This is your chance to try making you very own game. We hope to get as many people as possible involved this year, so don’t be shy!

See you on Wednesday November 23rd, 8:00pm in Goodwin 247!

Invited speaker: Rob Yale

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Rob Yale, from Yale Music, joined the QGDC via Skype recently to talk to us about his experience composing music for video games. Rob recently created the soundtrack for the Muffin Knight game! If you missed the talk, check out the videos below (see more after the jump).

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If you like games and having fun, you might want to check out Gamercamp! Gamercamp is a Canadian gaming and entertainment festival. It’s happening November 25-27 in Toronto. Check out the website for more info and to buy tickets!

Club Meeting, Wednesday October 26

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We’ll be having our next meeting of the term on Wednesday, October 26 at 8:00pm in Goodwin 247. Come one, come all! As usual, membership is free and open, so don’t feel any pressure.

We have our first invited speaker of the term! Rob Yale from Yale Music ( will be joining us to talk about his experiences working on audio for video games. Rob is an accomplished composer and musician. His video game credits include: Prince of Persia 3, Splinter Cell for PSP, and The Odyssey: Winds of Athena. Come and join in the discussion!

We also plan to throw down a challenge for you to build a game of your own.  But in a little while.  Cause you’re probably busy this week.  But in a few days or something, maybe we could do that.

Come on out on Wednesday night!


Board Games Night, October 5th

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We’ll be having a board games night tomorrow, Wednesday, October 5th.  If you’ve got games, please feel free to bring them!  Especially that one card game that I like.  You know the one.  Scott will bring Heroquest, and Tad mentioned that he would be bringing My Little Pony: Heroic Adventures in the Magical Land of Clouds. Carey said he was fine if we just had the piecepack.

And you say that you like pizza?  Bring $3 to the meeting, and we will drive in our car to the pizza shoppe to purchase some pies.  Pizza pies, that is.
Hope to see you there at 8:00pm in Goodwin 247.

First meeting of the term

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Howdy, friends!  We’ll be having our first meeting of the term on Wednesday, September 21st at 8:00pm in Goodwin 247.  Come one, come all!  As usual, membership is free and open, so don’t feel any pressure.  If this is your first meeting, don’t be nervous – we all love games, and we are mostly nice.  Tad is the only mean guy, and he’s out travelling in Europe.

We’ve also got a podcast that started over the summer!  If you’re interested in hearing conversations with people who work with games, give us a listen.

We’ll be looking for help from club members, so come out and give us a hand or an idea and be part of the podcast.  Fun stuff.

See you next Wednesday!

See you soon!

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The new term is almost here, and we’re going to be hosting the first meeting of the year in September.  We don’t have a date or a room yet, so please keep an eye on the site or on your email for news.

We’ve also got a bit of a surprise!  Over the summer, we made plans to begin a club podcast.  It’s called Feature Complete, and we just finished recording the first episode.  You’ll see it here in the normal QGDC feed.  An iTunes/XML feed is coming soon, we hope.  🙂  Through the year, we’re going to be tracking down developers for interviews, and we’ll be looking for club members to help with the podcast process – let us know if you want to give a hand!

Last Meeting of the Term!

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This week we will have the last QGDC meeting of the term, and the final meeting of this academic year. The plan is to wrap things up with games, food, and fun.  So, come out and play with your fellow QGDC members!

We have managed to get a piecepack for the club that will be available at the meeting. A piecepack is a set of board-game pieces that can be used to design and play games. Please bring along any other games you would like to play!

As usual, the meeting will take place on Wednesday, April 6 at 8PM in Goodwin 247.