Feature Complete Episode 1 – Dr. Nicholas Graham

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Feature Complete, a podcast about game development and game design.

Here’s Episode 1, with Dr. Nicholas Graham from the School of Computing.

Show Notes:

See you soon!

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The new term is almost here, and we’re going to be hosting the first meeting of the year in September.  We don’t have a date or a room yet, so please keep an eye on the site or on your email for news.

We’ve also got a bit of a surprise!  Over the summer, we made plans to begin a club podcast.  It’s called Feature Complete, and we just finished recording the first episode.  You’ll see it here in the normal QGDC feed.  An iTunes/XML feed is coming soon, we hope.  🙂  Through the year, we’re going to be tracking down developers for interviews, and we’ll be looking for club members to help with the podcast process – let us know if you want to give a hand!

Bit Battalion Links

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Hey friends,

Sash is confirmed for the QGDC meeting tomorrow (Wednesday), and if you’d like to give Mr. Runner 2 a beta test before it’s even released, you can play the game in your browser through the following secret link:


It’s so secret, the only other place you can find it is on his public Twitter page. Okay, well there’s still a password. Give it a shot, and prepare some good questions!

Sash has some other games that you should take a peek at too. If you’ve been to a recent meeting, you might have seen us playing this one:


Dang, Chaos. Why you gotta be like that? These guys are just trying to give you a hug. The original Mr. Runner is here:


And here’s a preview video of the new game, Mr. Runner 2:


This meeting is going to be a good one, so come on out! Goodwin 247, 8:00pm, Wednesday, February 2nd.

Reach for the Skyler.

Hello 2011!

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Welcome back! Or, if you stayed around Kingston like some of us did, .. uh, hi, I guess?

We’re going to be starting up again with some meetings, so if you don’t mind, can you fill in the slots that generally work for you?  Ignore the actual date, and treat Monday, January 10th as “Monday in general”.  I sure hope this works!


Watch your email for news about the upcoming meetings, and we hope you took some time to write some games over the break!  Happy new year, everyone.

Game in a Week, and End of Term

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After tallying up the votes for the games that you guys wrote in one week, we have our winners!

1) Puck the Penguin
2) Battle Chess
3) Cellvolution

All of the games were great, and the results were actually really close. Congrats, and we hope you’ll take advantage of the winter break to put another game together.

With that, we’ve reached the end of the fall term, and it’s time to relax. Good luck on your exams, and watch your email (and this space) for information about the first meeting next term! We’ve got some speakers lined up already, so it should be a lot of fun.

Meeting on November 16th

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Hey folks,

We’ll be meeting on Tuesday, November 16th at 8:00pm in Goodwin 247 to show off the games that we threw together in one hectic week! If you’d like to give a demo, just send an email to scott@cs.queensu.ca or tstach@cs.queensu.ca (or reply to this message), and you can show off your work.

Come by and support your tired gaming friends, and get inspired to make a game of your own if you haven’t done so yet!

Hope to see you there!

Board Games Night – tonight!

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If you’ve got time, come on out to Goodwin 247 tonight at 8:00pm to play some board games with us! Bring your games, we’ll do the same.

Hope to see you there!

October 19th meeting at 8:00pm in Goodwin 247

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Hello friends,

The Queen’s Game Developers Club is set for our next meeting, and we’ve got a good one. You have to consider the fact that we might be biased when we say it, but we think it’s alright. 🙂

We’ll be meeting in Goodwin 247 on Tuesday, October 19th at 8:00pm. (that’s next Tuesday, the Tuesday of next week, and not this past Tuesday – you need time travel for that, and we exhausted our quantum goodies last meeting) It’s a different room than last time, but on the same floor, so just walk through the doors on the second floor of Goodwin and look for all the game fans. Actually, just look for Tad, he’s a pretty tall guy.

The rough agenda includes the following:

A brief presentation by Scott in which he will talk about his experience at EA Games and discuss the video game industry. Good times if you want to consider a career in games.

Tad will talk about the club’s plan to hold a “develop a game in a week” contest to be held in mid-November. He will also try to help connect club members who might be interested in playing board games together, and discuss the Games Night planned for October 26th. That’s right, we’re finally hosting a night to get people actually playing games. Do you like board games? We sure do.

(Did you know we have forums? They’re at http://forums.qgdc.ca – you should sign up if you’re not Doug, Tad, Scott, Chris, or Matt)

We might also have a mystery speaker, but since we haven’t asked him yet, that’s still in the works. Anyway, he has a really neat game, and he’s going to show us sometime. Hopefully that time is this upcoming Tuesday.

Sure do hope to see you there, and if you’d like to come out, come on out! As always, there are no club fees, no explicit memberships, and you are always welcome to bring your friends whether or not they’re Queen’s students, gamers, or Tamagotchis that need love on a fairly rigid schedule.

See you on Tuesday,
The QGDC folk (Scott & Tad)

New Announcement List

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We’ve set up a mailing list for announcements, so if you’d like email notifications when we’re doing something, you can add your address to the list here:


It’s not a spam list, we’ll only be using it when there’s something real to talk about. If you want to unsubscribe too, you can do it at that link.

See you at the talk tonight!

Forums are live

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If you want to get a handle on what’s going on with the club, and stay connected to fellow students with similar interests, take a look at the forums. We should have some good conversation there, and you can help us figure out what kind of events and activities we should be running.

Take a look: http://forums.qgdc.ca