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Welcome to the QGDC!

The purpose of the Queen’s Game Developers Club is to provide an environment to foster the development of games, whether electronic or not, through discussion and mentoring. We aim to provide regular presentations about topics including life in the professional games industry, issues with game design and theory, and other related issues.

Club Executive

Scott Grant
Queen’s graduate, B.Sc., M.Sc.
Ph.D. candidate in Computer Science
Several years experience working at Electronic Arts
Creator of the online text adventure game Twelve Sands
Tad Stach
Ph.D. candidate in Computer Science
Current research includes exercise video games
Developed a distributed multiplayer game in his M.Sc.
General interest in game design and development
Carey Metcalfe
Third Year Computer Science
Developing a Minecraft World Editor
Occasionally glows in the dark for several hours
Once ate four frozen vegetarian pizzas to win a bet