Games night, tonight! GOO254, 8:00pm

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It’s been a while, games clubbers, but why not come out tonight to Goodwin 254 (note the room change) and play some games with us! If you’ve got games, please feel free to bring them. Maybe we’ll have a SNES or something too. What, you don’t think so? Bring it on. (Actually I hope it will work on the projector – guess we’ll find out tonight!)

And you’re the sort of person who ingests nutrition? Hey, me too! How’s about some pizza then? Bring $3 tonight (bills only, please), and we’ll swing out to get some pizza to go with the games.

8:00pm in Goodwin 254. Be there, or be a non-game-playing-person. That is, unless you’re busy tonight playing games with someone else.

Games, games, games!


p.s., if you actually bring $3 in bills, we will be tremendously impressed. realistically, please just bring loonies and toonies.

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