Club Meeting, Wednesday January 18

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Howdy, friends! And happy new year! Good holidays, and all that jazz.


The Queen’s Game Developers Club is getting geared up to resume this term. Hopefully you took advantage of the season to stay up late writing code on your computer. What? You didn’t? Well, the holiday game development challenge is still active, and you’ve got a bit more time. Write a game, quick quick!

We’ll be meeting NEXT Wednesday, January 18th, in Goodwin Hall 248. That’s .. three, four.. nine days as the crow flies. If you haven’t had time to start writing a game, or just forgot about it, you can still make it! There’s even going to be some prizes.

There will also be some other fun discussion, and planning for what the rest of the term will hold.

We’ll send a reminder email later, but book the date now! Games club.

Yeesh, anyone excited for CISC-226, by the way? Pretty sure that it’s going to be awesome.

See you next Wednesday (not this wednesday, next wednesday – write a game!), and we hope you managed to get a little game playing time in over the break!

Scott, Tad, and Carey

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