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Hey friends,

Sash is confirmed for the QGDC meeting tomorrow (Wednesday), and if you’d like to give Mr. Runner 2 a beta test before it’s even released, you can play the game in your browser through the following secret link:

It’s so secret, the only other place you can find it is on his public Twitter page. Okay, well there’s still a password. Give it a shot, and prepare some good questions!

Sash has some other games that you should take a peek at too. If you’ve been to a recent meeting, you might have seen us playing this one:

Dang, Chaos. Why you gotta be like that? These guys are just trying to give you a hug. The original Mr. Runner is here:

And here’s a preview video of the new game, Mr. Runner 2:

This meeting is going to be a good one, so come on out! Goodwin 247, 8:00pm, Wednesday, February 2nd.

Reach for the Skyler.

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