Contest: Develop a Game in a Week

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The Queen’s Game Developers Club is holding a contest to develop a game in just one week! This is your chance to test out your game development skills. The rules for the contest are simple:

  1. Any type of game is allowed (e.g., video game, tabletop game, card game).
  2. Use whatever tools you like.
  3. Game assets must be new as of the start of the competition.
  4. Games must be yours.
  5. Spend no more than one week on development.
  6. Individuals and teams allowed.

The deadline for the contest is November 9, 2010. We will hold a club meeting to peer-judge the games and hand out prizes for the top rated games!

Since the timeline for this contest is so short, we have a few words of advice:

  • Think more along the lines of a prototype; don’t try to develop a full-featured game.
  • Keep it simple! Complicated games are not necessarily better. Avoid the complex stuff such as physics, 3D  graphics, and networking.
  • Focus on making a working game, not the polish.
  • Use the tools you are comfortable with.

Here are some useful resources for one-week game development:

Have fun, and good luck!

2 Comments on “Contest: Develop a Game in a Week”

  1. 1 wu said at 1:32 am on November 10th, 2010:

    hi, so where do we submit our games?

  2. 2 swrittenb said at 1:03 am on November 14th, 2010:

    We’ll be showing them off at the next meeting, and it’s on the honour system that you haven’t gone above and beyond the week requirement (really, we just want to see people writing games in the first place). 🙂

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